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Jim Guerrero Roofing is a quality commercial and residential roofing contractor since being established 34 years ago. When Jim Guerrero started in the roofing business at the age of 18, he found the work to be enjoyable and creative and has been working hard at it ever since. Our roofing company specializes in taking care of all types of roofing including cedar, tile, and commercial roofs. We also do re-roofing on houses with shingle roofs, leak repairs, wind damage repairs, and more!

Expert Contractor in Missoula

Our strengths lie in our 41 overall years of experience, keen attention to every detail, excellent reputation, and efficient, quality service. We are very popular as problem solvers because we can easily diagnose even the most difficult problems and finding even the most evasive source of leaks.

For quality and affordable roofing installation, repairs, and maintenance call Jim’s cell 406-239-3369 today!